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Monday, July 21, 2014

So this just happened.

So here I am at a Commando Krav Maga seminar at my Academy, minding my own business, when this happens...

Saturday, after 7 years of training Brazilian Jiu jitsu, and after training the martial arts for 37 years, I was awarded my first and hopefully only, Black Belt. I am humbled and flattered beyond words. During my acceptance, for the first minute, I was speechless. Thanks to my constantly supportive and long-suffering wife, to my Pop for instilling a love of the martial arts when I was a boy by telling me incredible stories of when he trained Judo in Japan in the 50's as a U.S. Marine, to Professor Marcos for being the best instructor I have ever had, to His Imperial Supple Leopard for being the best training partner I have ever had, and the best Academy to train jiujitsu in, bar none. I am now investigating ways to pay it forward and spread the art that I have come to love.

My journey continues.

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