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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I have to go one week without Jiujitsu!

Oh well, I will probably get over it.

Great practice tonight.

The supple leopard and I rolled several good rounds. He is such a good sport and he is one of the few in our academy that I can do leg attacks on, I have been in relentless pursuit of kneebars and toeholds. But I also do not want to neglect the sweeps, chokes and armbars that is classic jiujitsu. I want to be a classic jiujitsuka. Bill showed me a sweep from half guard that I am now going to label the V8 sweep because when he showed it to me, it was so simple that I smacked my forehead! (I have a god given ability to label techniques at my academy- this will now make 3 in my library: the short bus, the supple leopard and now the V8). We again found ourselves in this position that I cannot define. It doesnt happen to me when I roll with anyone else. All I know is that it had 50/50 in it and almost a reverse DLR. It doesnt help to try to describe anymore. I feel myself getting better. The open mat and lab time is definitely helping.

Professor's class was great as always. We focused on a Ko-uchi-gari to O-uchi-gari takedown and then some bait and switch stuff from a butterfly/half guard set up. Sabrina had a friend Conrad, who is a Judoka from the KY/TN area visit class and train. It is so great to get some time with a fellow Judoka, even if he is 120# bigger than I am. When a fellow judoka engages in the kumikata with you, the feeling of familiarity is dense and palpable. I think he had a good experience with us and I hope to see him again.

I have one more night at work before my wife and I have Thankgiving with our families. So this may be all that she wrote for a few days. I am thankful for you and thankful for jiujitsu.

Train happy and Oss!

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  1. We are thankful for you too! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.