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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Tribe!

Been doing some experiments at home and will start some work during open mats thanks to:

Here's what is in the works:

A new Seio-nage combo
A crazy approach to O-goshi
A Harai goshi that will smash some fools up.
A new approach to Sasae-tsuri-komi Ashi that I can't wait to try.
A set up for O-soto-gari that looks devastating and one that can't believe was always there hiding in plain sight.

I believe these will definitely help me competition wise as considering the standing component, BJJ is as about as anti-classical judo as you can get. I believe these are a great antidote to that potion.

I also can't wait to play out with some new grips. I think it will be a surprise.

Now go eat some Turkey, enjoy your families and I will see you fat and HAPPY on the mats!

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  1. Let's do it! We used to play with Russian grips a bit in Philly.