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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today's News!

Having an absolutely CRA-ZEE night at the hospital (pun intended since I work at a psych hospital) but wanted to take a few moments for an update.

Today I did some self-mwod for calves and hips and then walked 1 mile to the gym, then ran 4 miles on the treadmill and then walked 1 mile home.

I know that steady state cardiovascular training seems to get a very bad rap in the bjj/mma world. However, it really seems to work for me. It really helps to manage my stress and weight and is having a positive effect on my blood pressure (I am borderline Hypertensive with a huge family history) as well. I have a crazy goal of eventually doing a marathon (or even an ultra some day in the way distant future). I also like having a fitness regimen that is based on activities. I run on the treadmill due to the very cold weather here, and will probably break outside when it is nicer. I bundle up when I walk and it seems to be a good prep period to run. Running, BJJ, has a very good flow to it for me. To each his own

In other news, I am very excited to receive my email from budovideos saying that this has shipped and is on its way:

My training partner, Bill, who is now a black belt is not a large guy. I am a big guy, but I have been fascinated and I mean fascinated by "small guy jiujitsu!" There will always be somebody bigger and stronger than me, and being an older athlete, it always seems like I am operating from a deficit- age, experience, fitness, skill, etc. I cannot wait to review this series and put it to use. Emily and Stephan definitely deserve a spot in my Grappling Hall of Justice as well.... They could be... the wonder twins!!!

Hope you are doing well and you are not only training hard, but smart as well.



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