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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wisdom from Carlos Gracie Jr.

His 12 "Commandments"

Lots of good stuff here:

1-Be so strong that nothing can disturb the peace of your mind.
2-Talk to all people about happiness, health, and prosperity.
3-Give to all your friends the feeling of being valued.
4-Look at things by the enlightened point of view and update your optimism on reality.
5-Think only about the best, work only for the best, and always expect the best.
6-Be as just and enthusiastic about others victories as you are with yours.
7-Forget about past mistakes and focus your energy on the victories of tomorrow.
8-Always make those around you happy and keep a smile to all people who talk to you.
9-Apply the largest amount of your time on self-improvement and no time in criticizing others.
10-Be big enough so you can feel unsatisfied, be noble enough so you can feel anger, be strong enough so you can feel fear, and be happy enough so you can feel frustrations.
11-Hold a good opinion about yourself and communicate that to the world, but not through dissonant words but through good works.
12-Believe strongly that the world is in your side, as long as you stay loyal to the best of yourself.


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