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Friday, December 16, 2011

Hi, my name is chubby!

My amazing daughter Sydney.

Greetings Happy Tribe!

My sincere apologies in the delay of an update to the blog. I have transitioned to a new job as a social worker in a rural medical clinic for the under and uninsured. It is certainly a change of pace from the ER of a psych hospital, but it will challenge me and help me grow clinically. I had a shock when I talked to a great friend yesterday when I told him I had been in the field for 20 years and he said, Congratulations, the field research says that you are now an expert! If only I could be an expert in jiujitsu, sigh, only 16 years to go. My new schedule will be a challenge, as it is a four day workweek. It makes for some long days when I pile jiujitsu in as well, but the real challenge will be fitting in my ancillary training. But we will make a way...
The very interesting challenge has been sleeping at night. 3 years of habit sleeping during the day has been much more difficult to undo as I trade capes from nightstalker to daywalker. The title of the blog has to do with my ever expanding waistline...damn you holidays with your cakes and cookies and amish broccoli salad and turtles and insert demonically sweet, salty, sugary, greasy, alcoholic treat here.

Jiujitsu this week has focused on pulling guard and taking the back and sparring has been...


I have had more brutally hard sparring sessions this week than I have in a very long time. Wednesday night no gi and last night with his almighty suppleness, Wristlock Bill, Matt from the Loop and Marcus were gritty and daunting, but exactly what I will need come competition day. The focus will be on Russian Judo grips standing, a punishingly unforgiving top game which seals gaps and is pressured tension and an undautingly balance disrupting sweep game.

Here is some Judo love for your Friday. Have a great weekend!

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