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Friday, December 2, 2011

Hips and Lapels

This is an image that comes up when you search for "Hips and Lapels":

Which was the theme tonight.

Firstly, open mat. Wild Bill Wristlock and I warmed up with a good roll for 30 minutes. His passing game found every hole in my guard game. He is an excellent example of "Dad strength" like Dan John says. To paraphrase, I may have been the strongest kid in the 4 house area, but Dad was the one who could lift an engine block out of the station wagon or open a rusty jar of screws or place the ping pong table on the top floor of the shed by himself. Bill's grip and his ability to securely fasten his weight on you makes his top game very formidable. The supple leopard and I then rolled for 30 minutes and this time it happened twice, the positions that no one has a name for. I will attempt to label this one deep single x half 50 spider guard. It was good to get a great sweat, seeing as I was not able to exercise yesterday.

Professors class was all about Hips and Lapels. The first was when an opponent is in side control and getting ready to mount, he showed a way to use the lapel and do an elbow/knee escape and then another hip escape and you have the opponents back. The second and third were from side control by using the top hand in a casting motion to create momentum to sweep, one was with hips close together, the other was with hips far apart. The final technique was applying the turkish get up movement from side control. Sparring to finish. One with a monster truck of a cop named Jeff and the supple leopard to finish. Also professor decided to finish us with burpees and this was the first time that I have EVER been able to finish the whole set without stopping! Hooray for me!

After tonight, I have only 3 more midnights to go. I will celebrate next week by going to wednesday night no-gi, which I am never able to attend!

Too blessed to be stressed, Oss.

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