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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Resolve, the Faixa Roxa and Monty Python

I am a 4 stripe blue belt in my academy. I have been practicing BJJ for 4 years and sundry other things for most of my life. I have been thinking about the purple belt alot lately, given that it is the next step in the progression for me. And what I have been thinking is how much I do not deserve it, how maybe professor wouldn't notice if I secretly took off a stripe here and there and reversed in the line.

Which brings me to Monty Python:

Remember that scene? The stoic black knight and his line "None shall pass." And in spite of his physical decimation and the hands of King Arthur, he remained resolve in his disbelief of his defeat and was dedicated to destroy his enemy regardless of his many physical limitations.

Professor spoke to us after class on Tuesday night on how the blue belt is the toughest belt in BJJ. I believe him. He also spoke that he believed in holding us extra on our way to purple and that he only compared us to our own potential. I need the resolve of the Black Knight right now. I have many physical deficits. I am old. I am a heavier guy and not that athletic. I don't have speed or superior skill. But I need more resolve. I need to relax more. I need to create more pressure. I need seamless transitions. I need to eliminate the pause between my movements and create better flow. I need to seal the gaps in my side control and not only create pressure, but also tension. I need more drilling. I need more sparring. I need to press ahead in spite of the overwhelming evidence against my progression and skill in bjj. I always encouraged and always passionate, due to the joy that this endeavor provides me. I need to focus on what I will do today and be resolute in my focus to achieve it. I need the resolve of the black knight and won't stop until I achieve it.


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  1. I can completely related in many ways to your situation. I can tell you, however, that from my position, the best rank is a 4 stripe blue belt. Good enough to push the upper belts, but inexperienced enough that holes in your game are to be expected. It was, for me, a very liberating rank to hold.

    There are no bad days in Jiu Jitsu, but enjoy where you're at. :)

    I've really enjoyed looking over your blog. We seem to have a lot in common. I'm looking forward to more.