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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The past couple of days...

Greetings one and all...

Things are in a major transition for me at the moment. Yesterday I had my last overnight shift at the hospital. It will be sad to leave some really great people. Also, I got the opportunity to practice jiujitsu about once a month, so I won't be sad leaving a place where I get regularly assaulted. My new gig will be as a social worker/behavioral health provider in a medical clinic for the under and uninsured. I have wanted to practice in a medical setting since I started practice about 20 years ago. Plus, I get to go back to working days and no more midnights... so no more Team Edward twi-hard for me.

Training the past several days has been very interesting. The supple leopard and I rolled on Tuesday night and hit crazy positions 3 times including one that I will call 50 DLR 50 side control. The deliberate pace, the tinkering and talking, the replication of failed positions and replacing them with new ideas, is setting my game at a new level. Professors class was gi on Tuesday night and covered 2 options from the double leg and then a pass option to a straightjacket from side control into an armbar. How that man comes up with positions is amazing. Last night, I went again to celebrate no  more midnights. Jason, one of our brown belts, taught fundamentals and it was AWESOME. Technical get up, scissor sweep and collar choke. Speaking of, my scissor sweep is seeing a revival and now it is starting to work against a few purple and brown belts, guess they are having a slump! Professor's class was no gi and was all about using and countering the Deep half guard followed by hard sparring.

Today is some laundry, watching some DVD's, etc. Here is some eye candy for your Thursday:

Stay happy!

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