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Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday update!

Greetings my fellow jovial jumble of judoka and jiujitsuka's!

It is time once again to update the blog. Training has been going extremely well and I have been training very, very hard. Friday night was a very small group who braved the nasty weather to train. Of course, His imperial suppleness was there. We had plans to cover the pull guard/armbar series that Professor and Jason had covered on Tuesday and Thursday night, but I decided to have a Q&A session instead. I truly enjoy Q&A format classes, we covered a question from Jim about securing collar chokes, a question from John about locking in the triangle and then a question from Jerry about the lasso. Amazingly, it appears that everybody was satisfied with their answers! Thursday night, WBW and I had a fantastic open mat roll. I need to continually work on my gameplan and use all of my startegy to get to places where I am really good at. I am very good at side control top and I am also gifted at maintaining mount, but struggle to finish from there. I also need to focus my guard game on high percentage sweeps that get me back to my area of dominance rather quickly. Deep half guard has also been suprisingly effective as well.

On the supplementary training front, I have started lifting weights again and am using the push/pull/legs format. Funny, I am not lifting weights because I want to get stronger, but primarily because of the fat loss benefits in the research. Also in that aim, I have restarted use of the Schwinn Airdyne for interval cardio and that device is utterly killer. I have not weighed myself recently, but will here soon and see what the damage is...fingers crossed!

On the video front today, I am posting the first part of a series about Serbian-American Olympic Judo champion and at-risk youth educator Radomir Kovacevic. He is truly an amazing man and while there is a lot of controversy about his methodology, you certainly can't argue with his results. Anyone who was Yamashita's training partner is certifiable badass. I have had the fortune of knowing a few people in my lifetime like Kovacevic, it is also my aim to help others in the same fashion with the same passion.

Have an awesome day!


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