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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The world is about to end.

Why do I say that?

I have started lifting weights again.

I used to be a fairly serious "iron junkie" and made some fairly impressive numbers back in my powerlifting days. But in the spirit of competition training, I am doing push/pull on my non-bjj days and following it up with some high intensity interval training to help facilitate and accelerate the fat loss. Of course, it begins and ends with mobility work. I am hoping that this all translates to competition success, but as you know "on any given Sunday......", anything can happen.

I trained for 3 hours last night. Did grip training with Paul and sparred with Professor Supple Leopard and Wild Bill Wristlock during open mat. Professor's class was pulling guard and a great sweep from closed guard and then I taught Judo class as part of our expanding competition preparation curriculum. Wanna hear something full circle? Our academy has a woman who attends it who is the daughter of my very first Judo instructor when I was a fat 9 year old at the Decatur, Illinois YMCA. Freaky!

I am very sore today, but blessed beyond all measure.

Here is some motivational eye candy for you.


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