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Thursday, February 2, 2012

So last night I was watching TV...

More on that story in a minute...

This week has been catching up to me. My body is wearing down, so I have to be really judicious on what training I allow and when to take a rest day. Friday was a small group that really allowed me to get some good sparring in. The Tim Cartmell series from the side control stockades position is a goldmine. Monday saw me do a very quick grappling inspired bodyweight circuit inspired by my friend and Ricky Lindell prodigy, Marc Brewer. Tuesday was a long haul of open mat sparring, open guard work with Professor, and teaching Judo. It is hard to fathom that the Chicago open is only one month away and I feel anything but prepared. My diet is finally beginning to bear evidence on my waistline. So we will trully see.

Anywho, I was at home last night chillaxin' with my wife when we were catching up on our DVR shows.. Justified, The Biggest Loser and the latest UFC Primetime episode following Diaz v. Condit. During the program, it talked about GSP returning to training for knee rehab and who does it show him training with but none other than Marv Marinovich. I have been a follower of Marinovich's unique style of training for years and have an original copy of ProBodX (short for proper body exercise) before it became known as Dynamic Integration. I think I will revisit this training in the final weeks of prep for the Open, as it makes the most sense to me as an athlete. If you can find a copy, get it. Perform better has most of the equipment. I still use mine. Here is a video of the ball work that they do in the method.

Hope you are doing great and stay happy! Oss...

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