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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chicago open preparations...

What's crackalackin' homies?

It is hard to believe that the Open is less than one month away and my prep is moving to the next phase. In addition to class, I am walking/running in the morning now for around 30 minutes at a clip in hopes of boosting the metabolism. I have dropped the starchy carbs from my diet for the week and are meats, fruits, nuts and veggies right now. From here on out all of my strength training will be bodyweight calisthenic focused. I still may throw in the occasional set of power cleans as they are so beneficial for the grappler. I am walking/running about 5-6 days per week now. As far as food goes, I am so jonesing for sugar it is fricking ridiculous. I haven't weighed myself in around a week, so I am going to wait until the end of the week to see if this new strategy bears any evidence of working. I was going to say bears fruit, but right now all I can think about is fruit dipped in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate chocolate. LOL.

As far as jiujitsu goes, I am beginning to develop the semblance of a game that has some organized principles for a guy of my body type. Teaching the judo every week has also been very beneficial in that it is constantly directing my focus to the standing game. Last week I had a roll with one of our young stud samurai and was blown away at how well I handled him until the very end. I also got very tired at the end of the roll and need to place some positions that I can retreat to for rest when the time comes due. I certainly hope this approach works better than my previous approaches have. I certainly do enjoy competing, but given my advancing age, I believe that I am about 1 - 2 years away from ending my competitve career. I think I have about a couple Chicago opens left in me and I want to make it to one Pan Ams and compete. Then the rest will be devoted towards helping the guys on my team prepare, if they could benefit from the grappling of a washed up meathead anyways...LOL

This weeks eye candy is judocentric and devoted to Sensei Edson Carvahlo out of NJ. I would like to have his takedowns when I grow up!

Hope that you have a great week and stay happy! Osss...

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