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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crap. Double Crap. Triple Crap with a side of crap.

"Sometimes you are the hammer and sometimes you are the nail."

This past week I have been the nail.

I was driving home on Thursday, when passing someone, my cars RPMS went sky high. It felt like my car got hit with a brick when flames and smoke started pouring out from my hood. I was able to pull over on the farm road I was driving on, when oil was spurting everywhere. My car had, the operative word was "had" 267,000+ miles on it.

My car blew up.

And died.

So I am unharmed, and I make arrangements for it to get towed and my wife is available to come 20 miles to pick me up. I have it taken to the shop where my awesome mechanic gave it last rites.

So we then had to undergo the excruciating experience of getting a vehicle for me. DO NOT LIKE THE CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE. DO NOT LIKE SALESMAN. DO NOT LIKE TO HURRY UP AND WAIT. DO NOT LIKE HAVING CONVERSATIONS WITH A POKER FACE. So after discussion after discussion, checking finances, praying, checking the internet, taking test drives and conferring with my wife (48 hours later). We purchased a vehicle. 2011 Silver Ford Escape with 32k miles on it. It is sturdy and zippy. And I can't wait to put my Gracie Barra Sticker on it!

And then on Sunday...

I got the shingles.

Fevery, blistery, painful, stress-related and will keep me away from jiujitsu for a couple of days.


But I am now on heavy duty meds and have been using a home remedy poultice and things are a little better.

So in summary:

My car blew up.

I got the shingles.

Thank you.

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