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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An experiment in the name of science...

This phrase is commonly used in my house, by me, and it usually applies to me making some kind of dessert.

But first an update,

My 2011 Ford Escape is awesome. It was sad and hard to say goodbye to a Toyota Camry that I had driven for 11 years and put 230,000+ miles on, but it was time. It feels great to drive a car in which everything works (for now). I can use both side automatic windows, the driver's seat is securely fastened to the floor and the defroster works (all minor inconveniences on my old camry). Life is good.

The shingles appear to be in remission. I took my meds as rx'd and the blisters as well as the pain have seemed to be in retreat, so this is definitely a bonus. Since I missed some training this past week, I went on Saturday and got absolutely mauled. Jason, one of our brown belts, took me to school.

And I failed.

Multiple times.

I also got to see the brown belt christening of one of our guys, Josh. It was so cool to see that hard work and dedication pay off. Josh has a baseball choke that is straight up MLB. He is a great guy to train with. Parabens, Josh!

All of the running I have been doing in the morning has been catching up with me and it isn't in the area of endurance, it is in the area of mobility. Since I am limited on the amount of time I can train or exercise, I am unable to hit things in a balanced fashion. Thus this past week in bjj I was noticing that there are some positions I was having difficulty attaining, that previously I had little difficulty. So for the time being, I am postponing my regular running or lifting in the morning and dedicating about 30-40 minutes of solid time to the MWOD, usually for hot spots, like hip extension and rotation, thoracic extension, ankle flexion and internal rotation of the shoulder. So far so good, but we shall see what happens on the mat and in things like fitness and conditioning.

The experiment continues...

As far as bjj goes, my past internal debate has been old school vs. new school. I really wanted to make sure that I had a balanced grasp of the basics before I obtained anything more advanced, however, not everyone can succumb to the basics. Especially when this past week and online, we have been dealing with the deep half guard, which is one of my favorite positions. So do I abandon something that I can do well, just because it is an advanced movement? To use the words of the apostle paul "God forbid!" So somewhere between the old school and the new school is "my school". This is the place where I have found the movements that work for me based upon my body type and my skill level, that provides me a modicum of success. That is the amazing thing about bjj, is that it truly has something for everybody.

The experiment continues...

stay happy, peeps!

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