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Monday, June 11, 2012

Primal Blueprint Week 2 reflections

What is crackalacking homies!

This week marks the completion of week 2 of the primal blueprint 21 day plan. Actually my plan is to continue this programming until the Chicago Summer Open on the 18th of August, but I am using the books as a guide.

I will do a check up weigh in on next saturday, but so far so good. I am finding the 80/20 rule very easy to follow and am using the number in my mind as a mantra to make good choices. So far, I have had little cravings for the bad stuff and have been enjoying the meals, plus my wife and I are doing this together and I have begun to notice changes in our body composition. Saturday, I was able to put on my shorts comfortably that 2 weeks earlier I couldn't button. I have drank so much coconut milk and eaten so many eggs that on some days I feel like a tropical chicken! But, I am not in a rut by any means. I am finding that I used to be a 3 meals a day plus several snacks snacker, but now I have started with a big breakfast, a decent lunch and a decent dinner.

The fitness plan has seen me do a lot of walking, lifting weights twice a week and sprinting once a week, I also went to jiujitsu twice this past week. The sprints suck but are beginning to get easier.

But the real transformation has occurred in our lifestyle. Much less TV time, more reading before bed and natural soft lighting as much as possible, sitting outside at meals, enjoying the air and hanging loose.

Stay tuned for more to come and thanks for dropping by!


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