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Friday, June 15, 2012

Random musings and reflections...

It is time for another update on the life of a happy grappler.

Let's get to it!

I am still following the blueprint and on today I am down 11 pounds. I was hoping for 6 and was blessed with 11 and the weigh in was pre-constitutional (*ahem*). I am pleased with the results so far, however, I find myself being very impatient and wanting to hurry up and delete my past mistakes nutritionally and get back to balance instantly.

Au contraire mon frer!

Thank God for my wife who constantly advises me that while our mistakes did not take place overnight, neither will our restoration. Tenatively, I am hoping for about 1-2 pounds per week. Now this places me slightly ahead of the goal pace, but I also realize that success may eventually stall out and plateau. I will still keep eating like Grok. Thanks also to Professor Supple Leopard, who is paleo himself, and is a great source of encouragement. Next week I am going to start walking for 20-30 minutes in the morning before work to stimulate as much improvement as I can. Instead of the land flowing with "Milk and Honey"(biblical reference) or "Aspen: where the beer flows like wine" ("Dumb and Dumber" reference) our house is the "Land of Eggs and Coconut Milk" I swear I am turning into a tropical chicken.

I attended bjj twice this past week post rib injury and the ribs are feeling good. My technique, timing and endurance were way off, but that will improve over time. Half guard sweeps was the technique du jour and I even got to train no gi one night and that was a lot of fun. We had a guy visit our gym from Carlson Gracie Jr. in Chicago and I trained with him and he was nice and super tough. Turns out that we had a mutual friend on facebook and a lot of things in common. It truly is a small, small world. (Insert Disney tune here and hopefully it will stick with you all day! :-P)

Cane Prevost's article here is worth it's weight in gold on "How to be a great mediocre BJJ student". It is a must read.

I also wanted to provide you linkage to some of my favorite haunts on the net.

IrongarmX is "overflowing with foulmouthed ignorance" and a great place to see people with very diverse training goals: powerlifters, endurance athletes, strongmen, kettlebellers, and some decent grapplers hang out there.

Total Protection Interactive is a great place for all things self defense related. Home security, practical firearms, and the like. Since I have a background in Practical Combatives, I was a moderator there from 2005-2006. Funny little coincidences occurred here and there and I am hanging out there again. You will have to register to check out the forums, but it is totally worth it!

On the work front, my practice is really growing and I am having some great success implementing my current training in EMDR and Hypnosis with my clients. It is fascinating stuff.

Have a great week!

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