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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reflections from the Olympics...

Greetings one and all!

The Mrs. and I are olympics fans and have been watching a ton of the action on the tube. I am struck with lots of reflections as the games continue. Sadly, I will miss them when they are done.

* During the opening ceremonies it seemed that every other flag bearer was either Judo, Wrestling, Boxing or Taekwondo. Combat athletes in the hizzz-ouse!

* I am struck by the reflection that even in team sports with individual competitors, how each member is enthusiastic and supportive and "jazzed" when another member succeeds or grieves when the member does not. Rarely do you see that level of support in the professional arena.

* Even in the arena of diverse athletic competitions, stuff that you don't get to see that often (rowing, handball, field hockey, fencing), there are things that transcend the venue...hard work, dedication, perserverance, pain and effort.

* For the most part, Women do a much better job in the post-event media circus than men do. Just an observation....

* The opening ceremonies were the best I have ever seen...anything that combines James Bond, the Queen and Mr. Bean just rocks.

* If we could only settle our disputes in the ring, on the field or on the mat, instead of in the street or in the boardroom, I think we would have a better world.

Here is a little eye candy for you. Judo powerhouses Ilias Iliadis and Teddy Riner practicing together.

Miscellaneous news:

Less than 3 weeks to the Chicago open. My bracket is very interesting.

Have a great week and watch the Olympics!!!

Oh yeah and one more thing WAR KAYLA HARRISON!!!!!!!!!!

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