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Monday, August 13, 2012

London wrapup and other schnund...

Greetings one and all!

It has been a while since the last update, so it is time to write once again. My thoughts are with the Olympics and with Chicago Open prep, so that is where we shall focus.

First, about the Olympics.

This is the first year that I have watched a TON of Olympic coverage in a diverse variety of sport and even the Open and Closing events and have a few thoughts.

1.  KAYLA HARRISON, FTW!!! Seriously, the first person to bring US gold in the sport of Judo since the inception of the sport at the Olympics is a survivor of sexual abuse, a woman, and a student of Jimmy Pedro. She mowed the competition down and was gracious in victory. She even got me to visit some judo style takedowns in prep for the open.

2.  Media negativity. Most of the time I would rather mute the commentary, rather than listen to the cloud of negativity spewed by has-beens. At the moment of their competition, these athletes are THE BEST IN THE WORLD, show a little more grace and encouragement to the competitors and I won't feel like kicking them in the face with a golf cleat.

3.  Best Fluffy Competitor awards: Reese Hoffa, Male Shot Put; Sarah Robles, Female Weightlifting: Incredible personalities, great interaction with the media, funny, and technically masterful. The fact that they weigh a little less than my truck is secondary.

4.  Favorite Olympic Country to pronounce: Azerbajan. It just lilts off of the tongue... Azz-your-by-john.

5.  Jordan Burroughs: This gold medal wrestler is the meaning behind the terms "hard work pays off."

It will be sad to see them end, but here's looking to Rio in 2016!!!!

As of this writing, we are 5 days from the Chicago open. I am just about on my weight. I am using sodium restriction, portion control, super hydration and intermittent fasting this week. I have been perpetually hungry this past week for about 4 days even though I have allowed myself a few treats here and there this weekend. The proof will be this weekend. I must say publicly that my wife is an angel and is so incredibly supportive regardless of my irritable attitude, my superstitious opinions, and my mood swings. She is the best. Period. I have also been doing some mental training this period using visualizations and affirmations. I am also doing some alternative preparations that I will write more about later.

Clear eyes. Full Heart. Can't lose.


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