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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Update Schmupdate

Greetings one and all!

It is time once again for an update and I am really unclear as to what I am going to write about, but as always, we shall see....

We are one month away from the Chicago Open. BJJ preparations continue and I have been working really hard and focusing on my strengths instead of attempting to be well rounded. I have an idea on what I would like to train after the contest is over (omoplatas), but for now, it is damn the torpedoes full speed ahead. I am also abandoning my focus of Judo before the event and concentrating on wrestling takedowns due to the posture that we always see at BJJ events. I have also abandoned my guard game and am focusing solely on a crushing, unforgiving top game of glacier like pressure. So far it seems to be working. I have started to incorporate running into the mix and have a dietary and conditioning strategy mapped out for 2 weeks out to the open. Diet wise it will almost look like I am a vegan with fruits and vegetables filling out the bulk of my calories followed by a little lean protein and a lot of water. Cutting out sodium and dairy should have a positive benefit and reduce a lot of water retention prior to the event. I am sick of the yo-yo effect that I have seemed to have the past couple of years. My wife and I talked it over last night and will continue eating paleo after the tournament. The benefits have been too great to just abandon. More fresh food, more fun time preparing it together, less cravings, less time in front of the tube, more active time has been awesome.

Tonight Professor Supple Leopard and I will be teaching a mobility seminar at GBS. Following the MobilityWOD has probably been the single most effective thing to improve my performance on and off the mat. I am moving in ways I previously thought was impossible. Here is a little sampling of what we might play with tonight:

On the "what I am watching front", a friend of mine sent me a clinch seminar on DVD done by Rodney King of Crazy Monkey Defense fame. Are you familiar with Rodney? Has been to Thailand probably 40 times and studied under Arpidej and is a 3rd Dan in BJJ under Rigan Machado. He also just finished his Master's in Psychology and will start working on his Doctorate. The clinch DVD is amazing and if you haven't studied crazy monkey defense, you should. I can see it filling in a lot of the holes that I have in my stand up game. Here is a little flavor:

On a personal note, in a few days, my wife and I will have been married for one year. It has been probably the greatest year of my life. God knew what I wanted AND what I needed and gave me her. I am forever changed.

Have a great week!

P.S. I was googling around and found this video of the wrestler Batista doing some kali. Turns out big guy has some skills, sensitivity and can mooooove. Check it out.

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