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Friday, December 21, 2012

Random musings for the last day on Earth!


The Mayans were wrong!?!?!?

(*Shrieking Gasp*)

This will likely be my last blog post for the year. I am taking next week off from work and my laptop at home needs some cleanup and repair, so I will attempt to harness my random, swirling thoughts at this time and put them in print.

I was *supposed* to train jiujitsu last night, but the Great Midwest Blizzard got in the way. I was already in Springfield for clinical supervision when it started to bring some weather and a 45 mile drive ended up taking me 4 hours of white knuckle-frozen-terror. I ended up getting home and collapsing. Thanks to my lovely wife for the subway that was awaiting me. 4 hours of Near Death Experience can make you hungry!

I have to make peace with the fact that this past week and next week are going to be very hodge-podge when it comes to both bjj and non-bjj training. I was able to train once this week and will be able to train bjj tomorrow at a special open mat. But it is the holidays and everyone needs a break. The emphasis this month when training with the Supple Leopard has been replacing guard when in side control bottom, which has become incredibly hard to do, but it is a work in progress. The leppard has also provided me with some tips on spider guard and Professor Marcos has given me a tip to pass x-guard. I also have had several opportunities this month to spar with both Professor Marcos and Professor Bill, which I used to avoid at all costs, now, I seek out every time I can. Getting crushed by Black Belts at every opportunity has really affected my game. I believe a new goal for next year will be to seek out sparring opportunities with Professor Marcos, Professor Bill and Coach Gerrad every single week. Voluntarily placing myself in bad spots is really teaching me things that you cannot quantify rationally.

Hmmm, that makes me wonder....what are my training goals for 2013?

Speaking of goals, I have been able to do my nightly qigong routine every night this month except last night. I am experiencing many different effects as I do this routine. My sleep is much better at night. I am calmer and thinking more clearly throughout the day. I am also experiencing flowstate and time distortion when doing the routine. I believe I will continue this practice as well.

I am not sure what my January challenge will be. Perhaps a morning session of Vipasanna (insight meditation and mindfulness) every day for a month? Maybe calisthenics or Bas Rutten on non-bjj days? Dunno.

This has been a tremendous year and I am incredibly blessed!

And now for video...nothing in particular, just a grab bag of stuff on my mind.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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