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Monday, December 10, 2012


It is time once again for another blog update. As I am having tremendous difficulty with the title, it shall receive a obligatory title...thus "Whatever".

The past couple of weeks in the midwest have really wreaked havoc on my sinuses. First, it was in the 40's, then it was in the mid 70's, this morning it was 27 degrees on the way to work and my allergies and sinuses are reacting in protest. Much also to the protest of my wife, since I am using my Nasaline syringe (think of a syringe based neti pot) several times a day. At least I do it behind closed doors, but it can be pretty gross. This has had some impact on my non-bjj training as I just haven't felt like I have had a full head of steam to attack the non-bjj stuff. So, I am doing a little of this and a little of that to stay active...walking, sledgehammer, tractor tire, kb circuit, yoga and the occasional bas rutten workout are in the rotation. It is a lot of variety, which once in a while is the spice of life. I can really start to see the benefit of all the yoga practice in October, as I am really starting to see to flexibility and mobility improvements on the mat. Bjj training is going, what can I say but great! It is good to have steady access to a black belt training partner and last week I received an impromptu private lesson from Professor Marcos on Deep Half, Half Butterfly and X-guard. I am spending considerable time in Professor SL's side control, which means I need to improve my ability to replace guard. He also provided me with some spider guard tips as well. I am noticing a tangible difference when I grapple with others in the academy, that I am freaking out less and more able to impose my will. It is all part of the journey of zhoo zhitsoo.

I still have not had a soda since the No-soda-vember challenge. I may have one at Xmas, or I may not.

Since December I have been doing a simple 10 to 20 minute (see below) Taiji Qigong routine before bedtime to see if it would affect sleep quality and lessen my dependence on medications. So far the results have been pretty staggering. Every night that I have performed the routine, I have slept deeply and have gone several nights without waking up in the middle of the night. However, I missed one night of the routine and hardly slept (even with medications). With medications, it would take me an average of 45 minutes to fall asleep. With the routine, I am able to fall asleep in approximately 15 minutes. This week, I have begun to reduce my medications and we will see what kind of results are produced. Life is real interesting when you experiment on yourself.

This weeks video include Dave Camarillo's 3rd Degree Black Belt Ceremony and the Taiji Qigong 18 routine. Have a great week!

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