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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April challenge: end of month report

Hello tribe!

In the month of April, I reinstated the monthly challenge by doing nothing but bodyweight exercises for my non-bjj training. I borrowed from Jon Hinds of the Monkey Bar Gym, Alvaro Romano of Ginastica Natural, a powerful resource from a friend, and used my TRX as well. It went extremely well and it had some effects that I did not expect. After one month I feel stronger and am much leaner than when I started. I went from a few paltry pull ups to sets of 10 last night. The cardio effect of doing bodyweight exercises is not to be underestimated, especially when doing them back to back with little rest. My flexibility has improved and I have avoided the trap of doing mindless rep after rep but have focused on harder bodyweight exercises that challenge strength. The ginastica drills have been very challenging, both to my cardio and balance, but also my flexibility. It was a great challenge. I am going to continue the challenge the month of May (Getting ready for my 45th lap around the sun.) by continuing the use of bodyweight exercises only and also adding emphasis on the pistol, pullup and attempting one arm pushups. I think I might add some jump rope too. The goal at the end of the month will be 2 one arm pushups per arm in perfect form and 20 pullups in perfect form. Lets get after it!


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