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Thursday, June 27, 2013


Greetings tribe!

I have struggled for about 2 weeks trying to determine what I will write about for an end of the month report. Turns out, without clear focus, I get lost in the weeds. I started out the month with unclear and relatively undefined goals for a June challenge, and then I am surprised at having meager results. Physician heal thyself or "the very thing I hate."

I continued my bodyweight only exercise routine through June, as well as worked out primarily outside and additionally utilized Steve Maxwell, Jason Brown of the pathfinder method, Jon Hinds of the MBG and Frank Forencich of exuberant animal methods. The exuberant animal short form is fun and is a great way to get the blood flowing. "Change your body, Change the world" is an amazing book that you need to read.

However, the mistake that I made was continuing to workout without regulating my intensity. BJJ training can be immensely draining on the CNS and I continued to work and train and towards the end of the month, I really started to drag my anchor and was really beat up. So I finished out the month with some DDP yoga and it was a good decision. I have the original "YRG" dvd's but I would definitely recommend his new stuff and DDP is in killer shape for being 57 and having his spine explode when he wrestled.

I am receiving an AKC quality comp 24 kg kettlebell for a belated father's day present, so I plan on playing with it in the month of July and at least trying the Bob Harper "Deck of cards" workout. I have done tons of DoC workouts before, but this one is basic and well put together. Spades - pushups; Clubs - squats; Diamonds - burpees; Hearts - sit ups for time. I will also continue my YRG training, but the overall goal will me to modulate and regulate intensity. Enter tired and leave fresh.

I have been playing around with Intermittent fasting for a week, but much differently than prescribed by the gurus. Google "The Physics Diet" to read my source. I also plan on continuing to IF during July (until my vacation the end of the month, then all bets are off!)

My youngest daughter turns 13 tomorrow. Syd, you are my constant joy. I love you beyond words. You are beautiful on the outside and breathtaking within. Happy Birthday.

Well, for having no idea about what I was going to write, I think I did ok.

Stay happy.

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