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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I am a martial artist

What's up, tribe!

Sorry for the delay in posting. I used to be able to provide weekly updates, sometimes multiple daily posts, now due to work, I am lucky if I can post monthly. No complaints, though. I realize that I am where I am supposed to be. We are currently in finals week and just about 2 weeks until a winter break of about 2 weeks.

What's been happening in my world...

Weight watchers: In 6 weeks I have lost 21.8 lbs and my wife has lost around 15! The online tracking tools are great! For all of the crap that I have given WW in the past, it is a system that works. I can reasonably expect to drop 30# by the end of the year and hopefully another 20# by my birthday. What I like is that this teaches the principles involved with reasonable life-long weight loss and is not based upon deprivation. It is an accountability based system and since my wife and I can do it together, it helps bolster a chance of success. My joints feel better, my gi fits better and I have better endurance. Thumbs up!

My non bjj conditioning has seen an increase in joint mobility practices, kettlebell and trx use as well as going back to some of the drills in my stick and wing chun days. It is the reason for the title, I am not just a bjj guy, I am a martial artist.  It has also brought back some great training memories and whacking something with a stick is always fun. I will include some of the training videos that I have been watching.

BJJ training is going really well. We have been doing flowsparring drills during every open mat and I am moving like a different animal. Bjj just frickin' rules.

Cyborg is the man!

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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