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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Time flies ...

when you are having fun!

Sorry for the lack of posting! (Since only about 4 people read this blog, at least it isn't a large apology! LOL) Things have been super busy at work, and with professional on-call duty taking one week at a time, I am away from jiujitsu for one week at a time, so I have to stay creative about staying sharp at jiujitsu. But the job is going great. I can now say that it feels like  am where I am supposed to be. The hours are long, but the place, the people and the work are awesome.

Let's catch up on past events, shall we:

Phillipe Della Monica did a seminar at GBS. This man is an innovator. He taught ways of pulling to the knee shield half guard and taught it in attack-defend-counter sequence. I had some trouble figuring out a knee bar counter to an arm bar, but with my partner's help, we figured it out. His creativity and energy are amazing to watch. He creates positions I have never seen before.

Rener Gracie taught a seminar at John Geyston's Academy that was in a word: incredible. I attended 2 seminars- arm lock mastery and triangle mastery. The sequencing was solid, it worked for street and competition and as a bonus, Bill and I got to have lunch with Rener and Eve Torres. AND during the arm lock seminar, Rener told me "Bro, your kimura is dope." I responded with "Daaaannnng!"

Angie and I started Weight Watchers in October. I have lost 10 lbs. so far and for all the crap and ridicule I have given that system, I can say that it works. Having and using the mobile app is great. It is time that I make my peace with food, avoid fads and happily settle on the right weight for me and adopt a healthy lifestyle. I have let training try to cover for a bad diet and it just won't work.

I feel that I am in the middle of an upswing as far as training jiujitsu goes. Bill and I are doing drills that Marcos is suggesting and it is paying dividends. I am spending a lot of time watching instructional videos and reading books and trying new ideas. Marcos taught a series of belt level special classes, and the brown/black session was incredible. I worked on my x-guard transitions, my berimbolo game and sinking in the second hook from the back. I have found a student at the college who is a purple belt under a Royce Gracie affiliate in Texas, we had one session this past week and it was a lot of fun. I look to make more drilling time with him soon. Yesterday, I was able to take 9 Blackburn College women to a free self-defense seminar for women at GBS taught by Marcos. About 25 women in total for 2+ hours and it was great.

As fars as non-bjj training goes I am doing lots of mobility work and yoga, tons of meditation, running, the Bas Rutten CD's and hitting the Kettlebells.

How about some videos of Professional Wrestling when it was real? Thanks to Makena for this, the choreography, intensity and moves used are great for any grappler to watch.

That should about "catch" us up-- do you get the reference!?!?!

Stay happy!

xoxoxoxo, Scissor

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