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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I have not fallen off of the face of the earth!

Greetings to my fellow tribe of Happy Grapplers!


First of all, an apology is due. With my new job has come a new schedule being 4 ten hour days during the daytime, rather than 5 midnight shifts. Also, my new job left me without a computer to access and once I got home at night, I was too pooped to post anything about training, much less talk about the training that I was doing. Thus, I have fallen way behind on my regular habits of posting. But, not to worry, it would appear that all has been remedied. I have regular access to a computer now and can start my updates from now on.

If you can tell from the last post, Professor Marcos promoted me to purple belt and it happened on a night when I had difficulties doing the simplest task, but that is usually how it goes. I am blessed and honored and will continue to pursue the blessed discipline of brazilian jiujitsu. Several others in the academy also got promoted, including more guys to black belt. It is an amazing thing to see.

Our academy has been on break the past couple of weeks and we are starting the new year with my class on Friday night. I do have some fun things in store. (Insert maniacal laugh here.) I have been working my mobility solid throughout the break. I have been hitting the balance ball every day and hitting my hot spots with the MWOD - thoracic spine, shoulder extension and internal rotation and internal rotation of the hip. It has made a good difference. I am eager to see what transformations the balance ball work will make to my passing game.

OK, since this is my first post of 2012, I feel obligated to discuss goals. Jiujitsu wise I need to focus on the intention of my game, meaning takedowns and passing- playing to my strengths. I did get to train some with Professor Brick who stated that I need to focus on standing passes. I was able to pick up Marcelo Garcia's new book over the break and it has some excellent suggestions on good solid takedowns and standing passes. Fitness wise, the unrestrained holiday eating has taken a signifigant toll on my waistline and I need to begin a solid focus on Operation Lard-Off 2012. Since losing a buncha weight from BJJ, I have always hovered between 195 and 205 pounds. This year I really need to get my BMI down to a healthy range which would make it necessary to lose an additional 25 pounds. I have a large bone structure and am solid, but BMI is BMI. Right now I started cutting the refined sugars from my diet, one month from now it will be cutting refined carbs. The Chicago International Open is on March 3 and I plan on being the best me that has shown up yet.

Thanks for listening. Here is a little video fun for you:


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