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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weight Management

Greetings Tribe to a Tuesday update! Obviously I have my weight on my mind. First things first, last night's class was awesome! I taught the first class of the year on Friday night, but Professor's class last night, was the first one I attended and it was packed. Lots of new people, including old one's I haven't seen in a long time crammed the floors. Lots of new classes in preparation for the Chicago International Open on March 3, including a Judo class taught by yours truly on Tuesday nights. It will be lots of fun! My brain is swimming full of ideas. Last night we covered Harai-goshi for the throw; and two options for inserting the hooks from Turtle position. I had some pretty awesome rolls with guys who are so much better than me. I also stayed for 30 minutes of live training afterwards and got mauled, including destruction from Big John who has 100# on me. I am implementing a new diet strategy this year and hopefully it will work a lot better than my strategies in the past have. I am using John Berardi's Grapplers Guide to Sports Nutrition as the template and so far for the first week it is taking some time to adjust, but I will keep my opinions to myself until I have a chance to see some results and see what my performance is like on the mat. I am using Surge for the first time as a recovery supplement and so far I really like it. The Grapplers Guide is based on decent science and the principles make a lot of sense, so we shall see. I have a long way to go and when I weighed myself on the beginning of the year, I was pretty embarrased as to the results of unrestrained holiday eating, even though I thought I wasn't doing that bad! Well, I thunk wrong.

I am also pleased to say that my wife procured me a 300# tractor tire for conditioning purposes. It is awesome! I flipped it for around 40 minutes on sunday and am still feeling it! I am also pleased to say that I had a conversation last friday with Professor Brick who stated afterwards, "Wow, you have a fire burning inside of you!" Lets just hope he is right! Have a great day and OSSSS!


  1. Five or six years ago when I was training hard and in truly good shape, I more or less followed Berardi...worked out phenomenally well! Tabata intervals peeled the fat off as well.

  2. Congratulations on your successful classes! The tire flipping just blows my mind. Although, there can't be anything entirely wrong with binge eating on the holidays. Well, sometimes. But keep up the good work! That sounds like a lot of fun!

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