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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Preparations Continue...

Hello and Greetings jovial jumble of the Gentle Way...

I am finally starting to feel on the mend. This is a good thing given that I know have less than two weeks before the Chicago Open. They have already closed registration as the tournament is now at full capacity. My teammates and I are really training hard and I wish everyone good health, safety and good luck. So far my schedule includes 5 times a week of daily cardio, resistance training of either a weights session or time on the TRX twice a week, 1 sprint session a week and training jiujitsu 3 times per week. Of course I am doing MWOD work every day. The diet continues to be a chore, as beginning this past week I have eliminated diet soda and have increased my water intake. My wife and I talked about it last night and this schedule, while somewhat arduous, has really helped my health and I will continue the same template after the open. I trained jiujitsu yesterday and had some great rolling sessions which included Sean the monster purple belt for an all out war, he complimented me on my improvements which felt really good. It is jiujitsu and judo on the schedule for tonight.

Speaking of judo, have you ever pulled off a throw in parliament? Wish I had! Stay happy and Osss.

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