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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Greetings, Tribe!

It is time for another update.

This week has certainly been interesting in regards to training and creativity. I wish I had the ability to take some video and post it, but alas I do not:(

I have been consistent with my routine of random mobility and my hips (like my mind) are very stubborn to opening. My shoulder rotation is coming along nicely. But in the midst of thinking, I believe I have created the MWOD version of a Sun salute in yoga. It is fairly easy and interchangeable. This may be confusing, but here goes: Salute> Bottom position deep squat> T-spine mobility stretch> Cobra position with reversed hands> child position> pigeon left side + pigeon right side> child position> bottom position deep squat> end salute. It hits the positions that I need work on (aka "hot spots") rather nicely and is a fairly decent sequence.

Guys at my academy are getting ready for the Worlds, so professor asked me to teach another cycle of Judo, which started last week. This past Tuesday, I taught a series using a sleeve entanglement opening that I think is really innovative. This week coming up I won't be teaching due to my birthday on Tuesday, but I have 2 more series lined up: one is combinations using the O-uchi gari as an opener and the other is *rubs palms together* a series off of the russian tie. Moments of brilliance certainly are a lot nicer than moments of confusion.

After a long absence of lifting, I dusted off the kettlebells last night and can still strict press the 32 kilo bell for a couple of reps and bang out 20 pullups in good form. Not too bad for a guy who is getting ready to take his 44th lap around the sun!

p.s. I am as hyped about Roy Dean's Brown Belt requirements as I am about the Avenger's!!

Have a great week!

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