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Friday, August 31, 2012

Swtiching gears

It has been an interesting week of training here in the Land of Lincoln. We are beginning harvest, which means allergies due to all of the gunk floating in the air. We are also due for a lot of rainfall from Isaac this weekend. Feast or Famine... Almost 3 months without rain then nearly all of that rain in a weekend....sheesh!

I am still in recovery mode from the competition. However, Professor suggested that I go to the No Gi Worlds and compete. Riiiiiggggghhhhhhttt. That man has so much confidence and inspiration that it is truly humbling to be with him. I had a realization the other day that I am a terror in the academy, but a chump in competition. I keep finding ways to lose in competitions. So far all of those losses have been from the back position, but I believe there is something mental going on. I know that winning isn't everything, but I need to find a solution that allows me to win. I talked it over with my wife and Randy, my consulting supervisor, about it and I believe that I might have incidentally stumbled upon a solution. Stay tuned.

This week we have been focusing on the double leg takedown and options from the back mount, which included a bow and arrow/arm bar/triangle combo and a series of 3 ezequiel chokes from the back mount. I also was privileged to have an hour long roll with his Suppleness and then a 30:00 roll with The Wristlock King and then a 30:00 no gi disembowelment from Mike. So far the emphasis on jiujitsu since the comp has been to do things that I typically don't do: Roll with the lightest touch possible without the slightest touch of strength and when I am aware of it to dial it down. Playing all of the positions that I neglect when training for a competition. My competition game is crushing top pressure with attacks from side control and half guard top. So far this past couple weeks I have been playing open and x-guard; 10th Planet half-guard and trying to learn Rubber Guard, and also attacking Triangles and Omoplatas. I also will spend a lot more time playing no gi as the goal is to become the most well rounded grappler possible. I love jiujitsu. I was stretching with the Wristlock King last night shooting the breeze laughing talking about everything and nothing at the same time when I realized that I love jiujitsu and the people that I train with.

As far as Non-BJJ training goes, I am still finding the time to stretch every day. I got a great tip from the Wristlock King last night and am not only working my hips, hamstrings, grion and lower back, but also mobility for my knees and feet and ankles. Slowly but surely. I have also picked up a kettlebell for the first time in a long time. I aim to do more kettlebell and bodyweight stuff this time and keep the focus on long distance runs once in a while. Balance in all things is the mantra. My weight is steady below the 200# mark.

Next week I will be out of town for training by the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis in Chicago. Randy and I will be there together and I believe I will get a ton of insight from it personally, even though I am there on professional capacity. I will miss my wife, but I will get to hang out with the girls some.

Some eye candy for you: Ronda, a Japanese leg locking tsunami and the most effective use of rubber guard in MMA, also Japanese.

Have a good 'un!

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