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Monday, September 17, 2012

ASCH, Philipe, Occloo and fun.

Greetings Tribe (How I like to refer to the 4 people that I know read my blog!)

It has been a very eventful few weeks since my last post, so lets get to it.

I had a very enlightening conversation with His Imperial Suppleness a few weeks ago in light of training for competition. So the next time I prepare for a competition, it will look much different in that I will drill the movements that I select for my plan of attack during an open mat and then attend live training sessions to test out those movements. I plan to greatly limit my amount of traditional class time and use it much differently than I have in the past. I also plan to use hypnosis regularly in part of my preparations. Last comp, did very well in the fitness and nutrition aspect of training and had a lot of good sparring sessions, however, I spent no time drilling, which I beleieve was one of my fatal flaws. That is the thing about jiujitsu, there is always something to work on!

Last week I got back from 4 days of training with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis in Chicago. It was life changing in every sense of the word. The faculty were top notch (plus every one of them looked like they could be a professor at Hogwarts Academy), the instruction was a balance of didactic education and experiential learning (read- 4 days going in and out of trance!), the weather was pristine and I got to hang out with the girls every night I was there. I have had some exposure to hypnosis, but to receive 4 days of intense immersion in the topic and watching demonstrations by Masters in the field was inspiring. I made some great connections and friendships and am thinking about pursuing certification. I think there might be a few ways to make it fly. I have also had several opportunities to use it at the clinic and the results are beginning to speak for themselves. Stay tuned.

Professor Marcos is hosting Professor Occloo from Korea at our academy for a while. Occloo is a very interesting character. Pure vegan, 4th Dan in Taekwondo, 4th dan in Judo and alternate on the Korean Olympic Judo team, 4th dan in Kendo and 1st Dan in BJJ. He was Professor Marcos' first BB promotion. He has unreal flexibility and his judo is unlike anything I have ever seen. I have good judo. Occloo has scary judo. I have never seen anyone who has such a light touch, quick movement but devastating technique. He taught a special judo class this past saturday and it was a major paradigm shift as far as judo goes. It also reminds me about the universality of combat sport. Saturday we had eight guys on the mat for that class, five different countries were represented and six different languages were spoken, but ONE art was practiced...BJJ. It was a surreal experience.

Professor Marcos also brought in Philipe Della Monica for a seminar at the academy that I was able to attend. Philipe is a world class competitor who showed stuff that quite frankly I had never seen before. And it wasn't like the material made logical sense to me, but it was amazing to participate and watch. Every jiujitsu badass that I have ever known has turned out to be some of the nicest people that I have ever known. Certainly an alternative to the "Meathead Douchebro" factor evident at many MMA gyms. Intriguing to say the least.

Still managing to stretch every day and starting to see the benefits. Also as far as non bjj training goes, I am just doing what sounds fun at the time. Could be a run or a TRX workout or some yoga, but letting fun and not planning be my guide.

Here is a compilation of some maestros of the Deep Half Guard for your viewing pleasure and have a great week!

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