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Thursday, September 27, 2012

I am 2 school(s).

Greetings and welcome once again to my little corner of the net! I hope things for you will always be faboo!

I received one of the best compliments I have ever received this week from Professor Supple Leopard. The past 2 weeks have focused on letting "whatever happen" when I roll during open mat. Instead of having a pre-set, pre-determined, tab A into slot B, "does anal retentive have a hyphen?" approach, I am intent on seeing what happens wherever I go and helping my body respond accordingly, rather than saying to myself "you have got to get back on top" or "you are in half guard bottom, make something happen from half guard bottom." If I am in open guard and open guard FEELS right, then I stay there and continue to work. If it doesn't feel right, then I go somewhere else. This means a couple things for my development as jiujitsuka. First, it means that I need to be familiar with all of the positions in whatever form and have a solid base of fundamental and advanced from closed guard to spider guard to x-guard to deep half guard and all of the flavors of positions I need to be familiar with so that my body becomes accustomed and each position FEELS comfortable. And secondly, I have to go where I don't feel comfortable. And I do not feel comfortable when I am inverted. It has to do with a lot of fear and a lack of flexibility. So I am working on a plan to address both, meaning that I believe for the next period of time, my non-bjj training needs to focus on yoga. I started this week and my body rebels against it, which must mean it is the right thing to do. I am very sore, but it is a beginning nonetheless. That being said, back to my roll with Professor HASL  (His-Almighty-Supple-Leopardship). We finished one of our just let it happen rolls when he said "You are old school AND new school. From the tozi pass then to a leg lock then to rubber guard." It was a wonderful compliment to be recognized for growth and development and to be focused on all the planes of development. Focused on our wants and our needs. Focused on where we are strong and where we need to grow. Focused on the short term and the long haul. That is what it is about for me at the moment.

I have some really great opportunities to use hypnosis this week and it is really starting to make an impact on people's lives at the clinic. Stay tuned.

Video for this week. Some yoga and some Cyborg. Enjoy! Remember, take care of yourself and the ones that you love!

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