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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Challenge mid-point report

Hello tribe!

It is once again time for an update to the blog. As reported previously, I have reinstated the monthly challenge again and this time I am focusing on bodyweight exercises only as the focus for training on my non-bjj days. No weights. No kettlebells. No medicine balls. Just bodyweight. I have borrowed from old school military and Physical Education, Jon Hinds of the Monkey Bar Gym, Kushti exercises of persian wrestlers, stuff using the TRX that I own and material from Ginastica Natural for fighters. I also have been exercising first thing in the morning. I have always enjoyed working out in the morning and this month it is no exception. I find that using a progression of yoga and joint mobility exercises then ginastical natural, then strength work, then ab and core work followed by some gentle stretching is the best progression for me. I am also feeling a cardio benefit as I am keeping the rest periods very low. It would also seem to be beneficial to my flexibility as I have seen a decent improvement in my hamstring flexibility. I feel leaner and in better condition. So far, this has been a very profitable experiment and it has brought decent dividends on the mat so far.

On a side note. My heart goes out to the people of Boston and the tragedy that has taken place. Rise, Nation, Rise!

This summer will be AWESOME for grapplers, as Metamoris 2 AND ADCC will take place! Here is a video teaser of the last Metamoris event. WAR SHINYA AOKI!!!!


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