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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Takning advantage of the weather

Greetings tribe!

This week of beautiful weather in the Midwest has marked a change of plans for my training, plus with the Academy being closed this past Tuesday for construction and that being one of the only days I can train, I have had some spare training time to fill.

I have an online friend named "Vern". He lives in the Seattle area out in the country and is a big SOB (6'6", 240#). Years ago, he started a training journal dedicated to running, with some biking and XC skiing and kettlebells thrown in. He listens to jazz, is an avid art collector and plays chess. Reading through his journal is like a travelogue. He reminds me of my bjj friend Greg Giddings, who bowfishes, rockclimbs, wakeboards, and practices jiujitsu. His philosophy is that his workout is his play. It makes a lot of sense.

 Anywho, inspired by these men and given the beautiful, unhumid fall-like days here, I decided to make a change of plans, lace up the only semi decent pair of running shoes that I have and plod on down the roads. I have had more surreal zen experiences in the past 4 days of running than I had in the past 1 year of slinging a kettlebell. First, the path. In the past when I ran, I ran a loop that was in town and went through a park and a residential neighborhood. I found simply by changing directions it takes me on old desolate farm roads in the middle of vast cornfields. When the wind blows through the trees or through the corn, it sounds like applause. Yesterday, I was absorbed in the moment when suddenly behind me I hear "yo, dude, what's up?" and passing by me is this leathery, wrinkly old man riding the relic of a Schwinn bike pedaling past me. He smiled and waved and kept on riding. He must have been in his late 70's or early 80's.

I have been using my gymboss timer for running a 3:00 interval and then taking a short walking break. This was the first time I have been back running since late March. I don't have a lot of skill, but I am a follower of the mid-sole, minimalist movement, such as evolutionary running, chirunning, the POSE method, etc. These past 4 days I have had minimal soreness. I have had issues with a blister and some chafing, but once I am acclimated, I will be fine.

Take care and do what makes you Happy!

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